About Me

treeSketchI am an art teacher from Oregon. Although I have traveled and lived in a variety of places, and each one has left its mark on me, I still consider myself Oregonian at heart.

I earned my bachelors of fine arts from Biola University in California, then moved back to Oregon, where I finally graduated with my masters in teaching in 2013. I spent one year teaching in Alturas, and tiny little town in an isolated corner of California, then packed up my bags and moved to Abu Dhabi, which is neither tiny nor isolated.

I enjoy living in a place where almost every culture in the world is represented. I also have the joy, and sometime challenge, of engaging local high school girls in art, helping them to both understand what they see and build their art making skill.

In my free time (which I rarely have) I enjoy reading, going for walks, making art, and cooking.

I’ve chosen this sketch for my bio, because I feel it represents me to some extent. The juniper is from Central Oregon, where I grew up, and is still one of my favourite trees. The pattern and the use of Indian ink suggest Middle Eastern and Asian influence – things that are all around me where I now live. Finally, like me, it is rough and unfinished. I am still growing in my career and character, and have a lot to learn.

Miss Beth

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